ERS group has been a major sales partner for Caprari in Ireland.

Our company sells, distribute, repair and service all of the Caprari pump in our Limerick, Waterford & Galway centres.


Caprari is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric pumps, drinking water equipment, industrial water and sewage in commercial and municipal applications, as well as in agriculture.


We provide different Caprari products & pumps, but the two that extinguish themselves are:

Caprari EVO Pumps - ERS - Sales Pumps
Electric Submersible Pumps DN 100 / 250
Caprari KT+ Pump - ERS - Sales Pumps
K+ Electric Submersible Pumps DN 150 / 350

The Caprari line of pumps:

Both of these products are high-efficiency electric submersible pumps for raising wastewater. Expressly designed for pumping residential and industrial waste, in drainage lifting stations and treatment plants.


Single and Multi-channel hydraulics or with retracted open impeller, ideal to convey liquids with high concentrations of solids. Impellers with an anti-clogging device, double mechanical seal for motor protection with oil chamber and conductivity probe. High-efficiency motors, also with forced cooling system for use in a dry chamber.

A modern and professional range to ensure the best results in cutting running and maintenance costs in residential and industrial treatment systems.

Available also in explosion-proof version conforming to ATEX II 2G Exd IIB T4.

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