Electrical Rewind Services

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Gearbox Refurbishment

ERS has a comprehensive machine shop capability and owns one of the largest lathes in Ireland. We can perform turning work in shafts as large as 1200mm in diameter to a length of 6000mm.

We utilize both welding and grinding equipment which is portable and can be easily transported to perform work on customers' sites.

We overhaul a large number of gearboxes and provide a 24/7 repair service to ensure that our customers experience minimal downtime as a result of unplanned failure. All brands of gearboxes can be repaired and customers can be confident that, wherever possible, original manufacturers spares are used. When this is not possible, ERS have the capability to produce many of the spares in-house and use accredited gear manufacturers to ensure that a high quality repair is undertaken to ensure optimum performance and long operational life.

Before dispatch back to the customer the gearbox is tested to ensure that it can be put back into functional service by the customer immediately, on receipt.

Other services include:

  • Full machining capability

  • Fabrication and welding

  • On site removal and re-installation

  • Eff1 motors can be fitted to geared motors if required

  • Spares supplied

  • Vibration analysis

  • Lubrication supply

  • Oil analysis

  • Repair versus replace options

  • Couplings

  • Static and Dynamic balancing both in workshop and on-site

  • An extensive range of new gearboxes in stock